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Halloween Spider Eggs


Introducing our Halloween Spider Eggs recipe! These spooky and delicious appetizers are perfect for adding a touch of Halloween fun to your gatherings. Not only are they visually striking, but they also offer a range of health and beauty benefits. Packed with protein and essential nutrients, these eggs make for a nutritious snack option. The addition of Greek yogurt provides a creamy texture while offering probiotics that can support a healthy digestive system. The use of light mayonnaise helps reduce the overall fat content, making these spider eggs a lighter alternative. With the subtle flavor of curry powder and the vibrant garnish of fresh chives, these Halloween Spider Eggs are not only a treat for the taste buds but also a feast for the eyes. Get ready to impress your guests with this spooky and nourishing delight!

Health Benefits of Halloween Spider Eggs

High in Protein for Muscle Growth and Repair

Eggs, the star ingredient of our Halloween Spider Eggs recipe, are packed with protein. Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, making these spooky snacks a great choice for those looking to maintain or increase their muscle mass.

A Nutrient-Rich Option

Enjoy the benefits of essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, B12, selenium, and choline by indulging in Halloween Spider Eggs. These nutrients contribute to various bodily functions and promote overall well-being.

Probiotic Boost for a Healthy Gut

Greek yogurt is a key ingredient in our recipe, adding a probiotic boost. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support a healthy gut and improve digestion. By incorporating Greek yogurt, you not only enhance the taste and texture but also provide your body with valuable probiotics.

Beauty Benefits of Halloween Spider Eggs

Hair Health: Strong and Shiny Locks

Protein isn’t just beneficial for your muscles; it also supports hair health. By including Halloween Spider Eggs in your diet, you can promote strong and shiny hair, giving you the confidence to show off your locks.

Nail Strenght: Promoting Healthy Nails

Biotin, found in eggs, is known for its role in promoting nail strength. By incorporating Halloween Spider Eggs into your routine, you can nourish your nails from within and achieve healthier, more resilient nails.

Skin Nourishment: Maintaining a Youthful Appearance

The vitamins and minerals present in eggs contribute to skin nourishment. These nutrients aid in skin cell regeneration, helping to maintain a youthful appearance and promote a healthy complexion. Treat your taste buds and nourish your skin from the inside out with Halloween Spider Eggs.

With their protein-packed goodness, probiotic benefits, and balanced nutrition, Halloween Spider Eggs are a treat for both your taste buds and your overall well-being. Enjoy these visually stunning and delicious snacks at your Halloween gatherings, impressing your guests with their spooky charm and nourishing qualities.

Halloween Spider Eggs

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Halloween Spider Eggs: Spooky, Nutritious, and Delicious! These protein-packed eggs are not only visually striking but also offer a range of health benefits. With Greek yogurt providing a probiotic boost and light mayonnaise for a lower-fat option, these Halloween Spider Eggs make for a nutritious and festive appetizer. Perfect for Halloween gatherings, impress your guests with this spooky delight that combines taste, nutrition, and a touch of Halloween fun.


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs

  • 1/4 cup light mayonnaise

  • 1/4 cup Greek yogurt

  • 1/2 teaspoon curry powder

  • Black olives

  • Fresh chives

  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Carefully peel the hard-boiled eggs and slice them in half lengthwise
  • Gently remove the yolks and place them in a bowl. Set aside the egg whites.
  • Mash the egg yolks with a fork until they are finely crumbled.
  • Add light mayonnaise, Greek yogurt, curry powder, salt, and pepper to the mashed yolks. Mix well until you have a creamy filling with a touch of curry flavor.
  • Spoon the yolk mixture back into the hollowed-out egg whites, filling them generously.
  • To create the spider effect, take black olives and cut them in half lengthwise. Place one-half in the center of each filled egg to resemble the spider’s body.
  • For the spider legs, use additional olive slices. Arrange them around the spider’s body, inserting them into the filling at an angle to mimic the legs.
  • Finely chop fresh chives and sprinkle them over the spider eggs to add a vibrant green “grass” effect.
  • Repeat this process for all the eggs, creating a spooky spider on each one.
  • Once done, refrigerate the Halloween spider eggs for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors meld.
  • Serve chilled as a creepy and flavorful Halloween appetizer or party snack.


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Nutrition Facts

6 servings per container

  • Amount Per ServingCalories110
  • % Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 7g 11%
    • Saturated Fat 2g 10%
    • Trans Fat 0g
  • Sodium 110mg 5%
  • Total Carbohydrate 2g 1%
    • Dietary Fiber 0g 0%
    • Sugars 0g
  • Protein 6g 12%

    * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

    Halloween Spider Eggs
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long can I store the Halloween Spider Eggs?

    The prepared spider eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 days. However, for the best taste and texture, it is recommended to consume them within 24 hours.

    Can I use different spices instead of curry powder?

    Absolutely! Feel free to experiment with different spices or seasonings based on your preferences. Paprika, cumin, or chili powder can be great alternatives to curry powder.

    Can I use other toppings instead of olives for the spider bodies?

    Of course! If you’re not a fan of olives, you can use small grape tomatoes, small cubes of cheese, or even small pieces of roasted red pepper as an alternative for the spider bodies.

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